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SuperChems™ Overview

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SuperChems SuperChems™ Expert is a versatile software tool that provides an integrated platform for pressure relief and flare systems (PRFS) evaluation and design. Features and benefits include:

  • One platform for simple and complex flow dynamics, pressure relief systems and vent containment design, chemical reactivity management, quantitative risk analysis (QRA), and consequence analysis
  • Integration into one platform enhances execution efficiency (less data transfer across different modeling tools) and reduces errors
  • Wizards for non-expert users
  • Piping isometrics interface using Microsoft™ Visio

SuperChems™ Expert offers a variety of well-validated models for single- and/or multi-phase reacting flow, dispersion analysis, droplet dynamics, and fire and explosion dynamics. All models in SuperChems™ are true multi-component models with support for petroleum fractions and mixture toxicity.

This software overcomes shortcomings of simple relief design techniques often leading to over-design, and more importantly, sometimes leading to under-design.

SuperChems™ is available for free to universities and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Click on the link below to download the brochure.

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