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5 Advantages of SuperChems™ for Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRAs) - Technology Updates / News - iOiQ Software Support

Jun 25 2021

5 Advantages of SuperChems™ for Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRAs)

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A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) involves the detailed estimation of the expected frequency and consequences of potential accidents associated with a facility or operation. A QRA is an invaluable method for making informed risk-based process safety planning decisions, as well as being fundamental to any facility siting decision-making. It enables a detailed understanding of process risks and where those risks arise from. In conducting a QRA, these risks can be better managed and mitigated.

Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ has all the functionality necessary to conduct a QRA and can be used for calculating risk for fixed facilities, pipelines, or transportation routes. Here are five advantages of using SuperChems™ for your QRAs.

1. Includes dispersion models for single and multi-phase systems

Accurately model vapor and two phase mixture dispersions.

2. Evaluates hazards accurately for complex mixtures

SuperChems™ enables users to accurately evaluate hazards for mixtures containing more than one flammable and/or toxic component.

3. Defines relief rates precisely with source term models

SuperChems™ source term models are used to more accurately define relief rate rates based on process conditions, leading to a more precise estimation of risk. 

4. Overlays risk contours on geo-reference plot plans

Once you have determined the potential outcomes of a Loss of Containment, the consequence can be plotted against a geo reference plot plan – this takes credit for the elevation as well as the horizontal distance from the release source. 

5. Calculates risk created from all loss of containment events

Using the consequence results and frequency data, SuperChems™ users can then build an accurate risk report to determine the levels of individual and societal risk for the site. The overall integrated level of risk created from all Loss of containment events can be calculated. 


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