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Jan 15 2021

Announcing Process Safety Office® v10.0 Release

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Process Safety Office® v10.0 is officially released and opened to all users. We thank all beta testers for contributing to the release of this major milestone. The new Visual Interface results in better usability for our customers. 

SuperChems™ v10.0 Advantages

  • Optimized the user experience, resulting in better usability and shorter calculation times.
  • Streamlined the graphical interface so it is both interactive and responsive, leveraging the latest technology.
  • Reduced the number of steps and time it takes to accomplish tasks.
  • All flow and network models completed. Cyclone separator control model added.
  • New properties features added: Vapor liquid equilibrium and bash queue.
  • Added a new unit system, improved the PRV object and the compressor performance, enhanced the two-phase/universal vessel model, as well as reactions handling, enabling you to achieve even more proficiency.
  • Complete pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) and consequence analysis capabilities, fully integrating with the backend engine.
  • More dispersion (indoor) and explosion models (deflagration) added.
  • Upgraded help structure, incorporating the National Board Pressure Relief Device Certification NB-18 and common vendor PRV data.
  • Enhanced and optimized the software engine, improving its speed and accuracy.
  • Consequence models and explosions, fire and dispersion calculations interface elements are now easier to access, understand, and use.
  • Integrated reporting functionality, delivering streamlined reports and enhanced readability.


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