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Better, More Efficient Management of Chemicals and Chemical Databanks in SuperChems™ v8.49 - Technology Updates / News - iOiQ Software Support

Jan 9 2019

Better, More Efficient Management of Chemicals and Chemical Databanks in SuperChems™ v8.49

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New Product Feature

SuperChems™ v8.49 offers new tools for more efficient management of chemicals and chemical databanks. Users can now quickly select new databanks and/or create project specific databanks that can be included with the project file for complete portability. Chemical mixtures are automatically updated, and the system notifies a user if there are potential mismatches or missing chemicals with databank selection. Databanks are no longer required when sharing project files that have embedded project specific databanks. These new tools not only provide more efficiency to any project, but they also enable flexibility as manual changes or recovery of prior project specific chemical data can be made at any point.

For an in-depth how-to guide, download the Managing Chemicals and Chemical Databanks white paper at

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How to Manage Time Stamping Options in SuperChems™

Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ records the time for both input and output data. Time stamping functionality within this program tracks and ensures that the results are consistent with the data input. If a user changes the input within a model and do not rerun, the results are invalidated. By default, the "View" button is not visible when the model results are shown as invalidated, marked by “*” at end of the model description. To change or override this, follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to Tools
  2. Select "Set Time Stamping Options"
  3. Toggle the applicable option to turn on or off. For example, if you would like to the "View" button to always be visible/enabled, toggle off the "Output Time Stamping".

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