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May 6 2022

PHA Software Competitive Upgrade Offer

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Are you using PHA software? Choose or switch to PHAGlobal® v.11 and get more features while reducing your budget! Through June 30, 2022, purchase or upgrade your current Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software with the latest PHAGlobal® software available and get 50% off the regular price for 1 year.*

*Note PHAGlobal® can import legacy data from other PHA software. Current users of PHAGlobal® can also take advantage of this 50% offer. This offer cannot be combined with other special offers.

New PHAGlobal® Features

It is critical to identify flaws in the design of facilities and processes that may result in chemical releases, fires, or explosions. Watch this video to see why PHAGlobal® is the most useful and cost-effective PHA/DHA tool available on the market. PHAGlobal® has been optimized with improved performance, greater flexibility, simplified installation, and hassle-free customization tools.

Read the White Paper

Read the ioMosaic white paper, PHA Studies and Compliance Made Easy, by Marcel Amorós-Martí and John Barker for a look at PHAGlobal®. Included is a comparative analysis of PHAGlobal® features with other commercially available solutions and several case studies.

Ready to Upgrade?

To participate in our upgrade discount call us today at 1.844.ioMosaic or submit a ticket to our online support center.  We'll be glad to assist. One of our associates will contact you shortly after we receive your request.

ioMosaic is committed to leveraging the latest technology to maximize tool performance. Check back often to see the latest information about ioMosaic software and technology solutions.

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