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Sep 7 2017

Process Safety Enterprise® Gets A File System Upgrade

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Process Safety Enterprise® is a secure enterprise-level process safety management system capable of managing all elements of process safety. Our latest upgrades include enhancements to the file system as well as new workflows for improving business and compliance efficiencies:


Enhanced Document Viewer:

New user interface and added features, such as double pages display and page rotation for easier reading. Supports all major web browsers.


Faster Document Search:

Enhanced document search has a more powerful, faster search capability and includes a new user interface.


Easily Share and View Video Content: 

A built-in video converter automatically converts video files to a format which can be easily streamed and view on major web browsers.


Keep Your Documents Organized:

New context menus have been added to the document folder tree, including create new, rename, drag, delete, restore, compress, and set folder permissions.


New Module Roll Outs:

ioMosaic continuously works to develop, refine, and create new workflow modules to further streamline process safety management tasks while supporting key business operations. We also have workflows available to provide structure and oversight for internal business functions. New module rollouts include:


  • Mechanical Integrity Workflow
  • Mechanical Deficiency Workflow
  • Corrective Action Item Workflow 
  • Authorization for Hiring (AFH) Workflow 
  • Authorization for Project Management (AFPM) Workflow add-ons, including proposal approval, deliverable approval, acceptance with e-signature, and case study/summary.



ioMosaic is committed to leveraging the latest technology to maximize tool performance. Check back often to see the latest information about ioMosaic software and technology solutions. 

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