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Aug 27 2019

Time to Upgrade to a Softkey

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We are pleased to announce to all users that we are phasing out the hardware/dongle key protection device and upgrading with a seamless softkey-enabled solution. This switch will affect all users of Process Safety Enterprise® and Process Safety Office® products. Our target deadline is to migrate all users by the end of 2019.

The Benefits

  • License check in/out option when offline
  • Centralized license management interface for network/corporate users
  • Ability to manage user profiles and track usage
  • Works for single-user and multi-user licenses
  • No need for hardware/dongle replacement 

A Three-Step Process

The migration is very straightforward. 

  1. Download/activate the installer, starting with v8.49 (Admin rights are required for installation).
  2. Register the software with the provided Product Key.
  3. Verify the registration.

The license server manages license updates systematically and is a seamless process for all users. All changes and configurations are performed on the server and are automatically propagated to the users’ machines once they launch PSE or any of PSO’s components.

System Requirements

  • Any machine using the software must have ping access to
  • Each machine registration must come from your company domain and have a unique email address.


If you still have questions about how to upgrade from a hardware/dongle key to a softkey, please contact us at 1.844.ioMosaic or submit a ticket on our online support center.  We'll be glad to assist.

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