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Aug 9 2018

Time to Upgrade to Process Safety Office® v8.4

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Universal Vessel Dynamics Model for SuperChems™ Now Available in Process Safety Office® v8.4 

ioMosaic is pleased to announce the release of Process Safety Office® v8.4. While there are substantial additions and enhancements to this new release, the most significant change is the arrival of the universal vessel dynamics model for SuperChems™ component. 

The universal model is designed to handle all types of complex retrograde and phase transient flows. Users now are equipped with a fundamental tool for modeling relief and depressurizing systems with seamless phase boundaries transition.   

Bonus - Register for a Live Demo of PSO v8.4

Existing users can sign up to view a live demo of our Process Safety Office® v8.4 on August 21, 2018. Contact to reserve your seat now.

How to Run scripts in SuperChems™ 

The ability to run user-defined scripts is available to Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ Enterprise. Users can enhance productivity by using scripts to manipulate and direct the SuperChems™ engine. To run your scripts:

1. Go to "Scripts" drop-down menu

2. Select Load and navigate/select your scripts

3. Select Run and choose from the available scripts

Several standard scripts included in the program can be found here (replace "x.y" with your version number): C:\iOiQ\PSOx.y\SuperChems\WSUPER 

ioMosaic is committed to leveraging the latest technology to maximize tool performance. Check back often to see the latest information about ioMosaic software and technology solutions.

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